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  • Fleur de Sel-Infused Frites

    Taste the difference with our fleur de sel-infused frites. Not only do they offer a delightful crunch and perfect seasoning, but the fleur de sel also provides a unique mineral-rich taste that enhances the overall flavor profile.

  • Succulent Fish with Fleur de Sel glaze

    Elevate your seafood dishes with our fleur de sel glaze. Beyond just adding a touch of saltiness, fleur de sel imparts a subtle complexity to the fish, enhancing its natural flavors while also providing essential minerals.

  • Succulent Beef with Fleur de Sel Rub

    The rich flavors of perfectly cooked beef seasoned with our exquisite fleur de sel rub. Not only does the fleur de sel enhance the natural juices of the beef, but it also imparts a delicate crunch and a nuanced depth of flavor that elevates every mouthful.

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Delicia sel

Delicia sel

Delicia Sel is a company producing natural salt from mineral sources, located in... 

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